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A collection of 50 Films & Videos
Film & Video Production is our Passion. Our clients have come to expect from us each time we work on a new project an even better result than their last project and they come back because their last project came out looking great. We always try to deliver better than our clients expectations.
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Below we present a sample of commercial film & corporate video productions by category
More than 50 Videos Samples so you can view the quality of our work.

Feature Films

Slave Manners - Egyptian Feature Film

BVP Provided:
Scouting & Locations | Casting 80 Extras | Permits & Visa's | Film Crew | Film Equipment (Cameras, lights, Grip, Rigging, Sound) 
Props & Set Design | Wardrobe & Makeup | Catering, Transport & Logistics | 
Stunts & Pyrotechnics, Weapons.

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Documentaries & TV Shows & Series

Beasts of Burden
Thailand Film Production Services Partner

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Documentary & TV Shows Awards

webby award bangkok video productions
 60 Second Cities

irish film festival winner bangkok video productions
Beasts of Burden
Winner - Irish International Film Festival 2018
Finalist - Capital Filmmakers Festival Madrid 2018
Official Selection - Docs Without Borders Film Festival 2018
Official Selection Liftoff Global Network Film Festival, Amsterdam 2018

Music & Performing Arts Videos 

Robin Schulz - Music Video
German DJ & Music Producer with more than 2 Billion YouTube Views
BVP provided local film coordination services including, Film Permits, Locations, Casting, Crewing, Camera & Film Equipment, Catering, Logistics etc. 

Corporate  |  Fashion Industry Videos

Camel Active Clothing - Summer Collection
View the Case Study here

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Corporate: Transport Industry

A series of Internet Advertisements
Directors Cut "Uber Drive"

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Travel & Hospitality Industry 

60 Second Cites
Thailand Film Production Services 

Corporate | Property Development | Resorts

Mahanakhon Skyscraper - Lifestyle Video 

award winning film bangkok video productions   award winning film bangkok video productions
Multi Award Winning Video 
New York Film Awards 2017
Silver World Medal. Film & Video Craft: Films/Productions; Original Music
Silver World Medal. Film & Video: Industrial Productions; Sales

Corporate | Sports Industry

Hong Kong Polo Club

Corporate | Health Care Industry

Medical Industry Video - Australia

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Travel & Hospitality Industry 

Luxury Escapes TV Series
Thailand Film Production Services Partner
TV Channel 7 Australia in Partnership with Capital TV Thailand & Bangkok Video Productions

Corporate | Technology Industry

Microsoft Dynamics - Harley Davidson Testimonial

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MICE | Events | Seminars | Networking 

Heavy Industry

Vahle Electrical Systems
Client - Germany

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Testimonials & Interviews

Harley Davidson 
Testimonial of Microsoft Dynamics Software

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NGO | Charities | Government Organizations

un logo bangkok video productions
We  have undertaken numerous of film & video assignments for the United Nations
however due to regulations we cannot show them here.

Aerial Filming

Aerial Filming Compilation

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Post Production Special Effects
Animation, CGI, Motion Graphics, 3D Modeling.

Post Production Showreel
Our Special Effects Post-Production Editor
Frank Holling Showreel