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Film & Video Production is our Passion. Our clients have come to expect from us each time we work on a new project an even better result than their last project and they come back because their last project came out looking great. We always try to deliver better than our clients expectations.
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Below we present a sample of commercial film & corporate video productions by category
More than 50 Videos Samples so you can view the quality of our work.

Feature Films, Documentaries & TV Shows | Music Videos & Live Performances  |  Aerial Films |  Fashion  |  Property 
     Sports  | Medical  | Airline  |  Technology  |  ShippingTransport  |  Testimonial  |  Hospitality  |   MICE & Networking | NGO & Activism

Feature Films

Slave Manners - Egyptian Feature Film

BVP Provided:
Scouting & Locations | Casting 80 Extras | Permits & Visa's | Film Crew | Film Equipment (Cameras, lights, Grip, Rigging, Sound) 
Props & Set Design | Wardrobe & Makeup | Catering, Transport & Logistics | 
Stunts & Pyrotechnics, Weapons.

Rick & Rat Go To Thailand

Comedy-Drama by: Peninsular films; UK.
Director: Julian 
Scouting & Locations | Casting | Permits & Visa's | Film Crew | Film Equipment | Props & Set Design | Wardrobe & Makeup | Catering, Transport & Logistics,
"Rick and Rat have just left school. They are sex mad. They lie to their parents to unlock a family inheritance, 
blowing all the money on a holiday in Thailand in their quest for sex. One mishap after another, it all ends in comic disaster".

Sawall 700 
Pakistan Major Theater Release Feature Film
BVP Provided:
Scouting & Locations | Casting | Permits & Visa's | Film Crew | Film Equipment | Props & Set Design | Aviation Services
Wardrobe & Makeup | Catering, Transport & Logistics | Stunts & Pyrotechnics 

sawal 700 thailand film services bangkok video productions

thailand feature film production company

Madam Butterfly
A 21st Century Contemporary Version
Sizzler-reel coming soon
A UK feature film. Scouting & Locations | Casting | Permits & Visa's | Film Crew | Film Equipment | Props & Set Design | Aviation Services 
Wardrobe & Makeup | Catering, Transport & Logistics | Stunts & Pyrotechnics 

thailand film productions

A feature film by Ross Clarkson.
Executive Producer: Shayne L. van Vlerken. Bangkok Video Productions.

Documentaries, TV Series

Luxury Escapes - Australian TV Series

Thailand Film Production Services Partner
TV Channel 7 Australia in Partnership with Capital TV Thailand
See More Luxury Escape Videos filmed in in Thailand herehere & here.

Amaya Art - Argentinean TV Series 

View Amaya Arts Case Study here

Flood - French TV Documentary

View "Flood" Case Study here
TV Documentary 

Thai Beach - TV Pilot 
View Thai Beach Case study here

Music Videos 

Forever - Tribute to King Rama 9

Music Produced by Safari Enter10ment
Video Produced by BVP
Directed by Shayne L. van Vlerken, Lighting by Jenny Balee

Blaudzen - Promises of No Mans Land
Music Produced by Blaudzen.
View Blaudzen Case study here

Karma Sound Studios - Studio Recordings, Talent Camp.
View Karma Sound Studios Case study here

 Dream Angel - Punjabi Song

Director: Joshua Dixon
Producers Official Channel here

Live Performances

Norwegian Singer Dagny - Live in Concert at Karma Studios

Royal Command Performance
Queen Sirikit 85th Birthday - Filmed in front of The Grand Palace
With The Israeli Philharmonic Orchestra & Conductor Zubin 
BVP was sub-contracted by Karma Sound Studios who recorded & mixed the music tracks
BVP provided Film Crew, Camera Equipment & Post Production Editing.

Bangkok City Ballet
BVP provided all filming and editing services
Annual Recital (We filmed 2 years multiple performances)
View Case Study here

Aerial Show-reels

Aerial Filming Show-reel 2

Aerial Filming Show-reel 1

Kroll Cranes - Wind Turbine Installation
Kroll Cranes
Filmed by Bangkok Video Productions - Aerial Division
Post Production & Special Effects edited by Frank Holling

Behind the scenes - (Kroll Cranes) Aerial Filming
Installing Wind Turbines
Post Production Editing & Animation by Frank Holling

Corporate  |  Fashion Industry Videos

Camel Active Clothing - Summer Collection
View the Case Study here

Camel Active Clothing - Grunge Video

Wrangler Jeans Video Campaign Series
True Wanderer.

Bata Northstar Shoes

Bata Northstar Shoes
Vertical Mobile Phone Video

Almirah Fashion Stores - Pakistan 

We filmed several videos at an amazing location. these will be uploaded as they are released.

Corporate | Property Development | Resorts

Sisaran Property Development Corporate Video

Sisaran Property Development Lifestyle Video
BVP provided filming and Editing Services

Mahanakhon Skyscraper - Lifestyle Video 

Film Coordinator Services | Aerial Filming | Casting Actors | Props & Set Design

The Making of MahaNakhon Tower Lifestyle Video
Multi Award Winning Video

Corporate | Sports

Hong Kong Polo Club

Corporate | Medical Industry

Medical Industry Trade-Show Video - Australia

Short Version

Corporate | Airline Industry

Air Astana Commercial 
Green-screen filming at BVP Studio #1

Corporate | Technology Industry

Tattoo Smart Watch - Kickstarter Campaign
Raised more than USD $250,000 in 60 days on Kicktsarter
 And additional Funding on Indegogo raised additional USD $ 160,000 
We started it all, with little budget but lots of passion from everyone

Eon Reality
Future VR technology

Luxury Escapes Series: 
Karmakamet Restaurant

Luxury Escapes Series: 
W Retreat, Koh Samui

Luxury Escapes Series: 
W Retreat, Koh Samui - Music Curators

Luxury Escapes Series: 
W Retreat, Koh Samui - The Bar Scene

Luxury Escapes Series: 
Long Boats & Temples, Bangkok

Luxury Escapes Series: 
Joseph Baroski Bar, Bangkok

MICE | Events | Seminars | Networking 

NGO | Activism 

Post Production Special Effects
Animation, CGI, Motion Graphics, 3D Modeling.

Our Special Effects Post-Production Editor
Frank Holling Show-Reel