Remote Presenter Service

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A New Story with New technologies and New Opportunities.

Events, presentations, lectures et al can be fully structured to be produced in one location and delivered live, in real-time to any location around the world.We have a range of options for the Presenter style as follows:
  • Presenter in a natural location talking to the audience.
  • Presenter using a backdrop in a studio (or any location) talking to the remotely located audience
  • Presenter using a green-screen in a studio (or any location) talking to the remotely located audience
  • Presenter using Hologram technology in a studio talking to the remotely located audience.
We also offer a selection of enhancements. 
  • Multiple Presenters in multiple locations.
  • Remote real-time translations into multiple languages. The audience just downloads an app to their phone and uses a headset to select the listening language
  • Real Time Polling with results showing in real time on audience screens
  • Two way interaction between remote audiences and remote Presenters.
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Holographic Presenters.
This video shows the realism of life-size Holographic Presenters - A French presidential candidate. We have the same technology available to us here in Bangkok, Thailand.