Equipment for Filming Events

This is some of the equipment we use for filming events. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions regarding the equipment, or if you wish to book equipment not Listed here. 

Note that hotels and venues often can provide some equipment (projectors, microphones...) free of charge, please consult our venue database to find out what they have, and we are happy to bring you what they don't ! 

Panasonic P2 Camera Kit | Thailand Event filming

Panasonic P2 Camera : Our camera of choices for meetings and seminars
Camera Switcher | Thailand meeting filming
Live camera switcher : When using multiple cameras, that device allows it's operator to switch which one is displayed on the stream.

Handheld microphone | Thailand meeting filming
Handheld microphone

Wireless Microphone | Thailand meeting filming
Wireless microphone : keep your hands free !

Microphone stand | Thailand meeting filming
Microphone stand 

Teleprompter | Thailand meeting filming
Teleprompters : Afraid to forget your speech ? We got your back !

Presidential teleprompter | Thailand meeting filming

Presidential teleprompter : Helps you deliver your speech more naturally. Nobody will even notice that you are reading !

Speaker set | Thailand meeting filming
Speaker set

Projector | Thailand meeting filming
Projector Screen | Thailand meeting venues

Projector screen
Monitors mounted on stands | Thailand meeting filming

Monitors mounted on stands. Can be used to broadcast the event in the function rooms
Gimbal Camera mount | Thailand meeting filming
Gimbal Mount : gives the camera operator the independence of handheld shooting without camera vibration or shake

Shoulder Rig | Thailand meeting filming  Easy Rig | Thailand meeting filming

Shoulder rig or easy rig : necessary when you expect a lot of interaction with the audience, helps keeping stable images for a very mobile cameraman

Jib Arm | Thailand meeting filming

Jib Arm : Crane Allowing the camera to move vertically and horizontally, and give more dynamism to the filming.

Drones | Thailand meeting filming

Drones : For outdoors events, drones gives really cool effects to your video. 

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