Artistes Application Form Terms & Conditions of Engagement

1. Intentions

I the undersigned understand that Bangkok Video Productions Talent Agency will represent in my capacity as an independent contractor as my agent for the period 1st May to 1st May annually.

Bangkok Video Productions Talent Agency do not guarantee to provide work, but enter into this agreement in good faith and will attempt to suggest me whenever possible and appropriate.

I hereby grant Bangkok Video Productions Talent Agency power of attorney in respect of contracts negotiated for work on my behalf. The personal details on this form (including email and cell number) may be used to keep you informed about future events / updates / promotions. If you do not wish to receive this information of this nature please write to us at


In the event of my working, I authorize Bangkok Video Productions Talent Agency to invoice for my services on my behalf as required, and to deduct their agency fee from my fees prior to payment to me.

I understand that I am not permitted to accept payments for work, which Bangkok Video Productions Talent Agency has arranged, on any other basis without prior written authorization.

I understand that payment will be forwarded to me only on Bangkok Video Productions Talent Agency receiving payment from the production company for whom my work was conducted.

Bangkok Video Productions Talent Agency undertake to ensure "good intentions" of all production companies with whom I am placed, but I understand that any work accepted is entirely at my own discretion.

I understand that Bangkok Video Productions Talent Agency agency fee's may be adjusted from time to time and that any changes will be posted in their office.

3. Disciplinary Procedures

I understand that Bangkok Video Productions Talent Agency reserve the right to discontinue representation. This may occur if my behavior falls below the standards set out in the "Bangkok Video Productions Talent Agency Terms & Conditions'. I have also read any relevant amendments to these T&Cs posted in the office and / or attached to these T&C.

4. Terms of Engagement

This registration form and terms and conditions as posted in the offices and available on request form part of the conditions of the engagement will jointly constitute the full agreement between Bangkok Video Productions Talent Agency and the independent contractor for the services specified therein.

Parties specifically acknowledge that the independent contractor, in performing his/her obligations under this agreement and in rendering his/her services and performing the Task, will in all respects be an independent contractor and not an agent, employee or representative of Bangkok Video Productions Talent Agency and as an independent contractor you will be responsible for your own tax.

5. Liability

The agency is NOT responsible for any loss, safety or health of any artiste or any loss or damage to the artiste's personal clothing or effects.

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