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Character Animation Studio Services

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Character Animation Services

Animation is a specialist area that has many disciplines. 
To create a single company that is the best at every animation discipline would be a very expensive exercise that would only service top paying clients. 
So we have taken another route. We partner with companies and individuals: 

That are at the top of their game 
Have a consistent record of success 
Have the most advanced equipment available. 

We currently have more than 20 Partners specializing in the following areas.

Traditional Animation
2D Vector Based Animation
3D Computer Animation
Motion Graphics
Stop Motion

Our Animation Partners have, between them won more than 200 animation awards from around the globe.

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Clients Include

Bangkok Animation Studios Thailand

Sample | Talking Tom & Friends by Monk Studios for outfit 7 Limited
We can show you dozens of samples. Let us know what animation style you require.

Why use Bangkok Video
Thailand Film Office Licensed International Film Coordinators
Western Company Culture & Processes 
Western Management
Local Knowledge for Best Matchmaking Services
A Full Production Services Company

We save you time & money by overseeing a single service or a combination of services
by providing fast & quality solutions packaged to your requirements.

We deliver to the Highest Global Standards, On time, Within Budget

We have created online resources to make our clients lives easier.

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