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Studio Matrix
sound recording studio matrix Bangkok video productions voice narration Thailand

Studio Matrix is recommend for Mixing & Mastering vocals & instruments. This room has a Hybrid Studio Workflow and has an extensive array of outboard equipment. The control system is  digital but the sound is Analogue. We work on 24bit 96kHz

Bangkok sound recording studio film dubbing voice narration Thailand

  • Solid State Logic (SSL) Matrix 2 ( 32 Input )

  • Yamaha C3 Grand Piano

Recorder & Outboard
  • Solid State Logic (SSL) Network 1/0 A32
  • Solid State Logic (SSL) Dante PCIE Card

Monitoring System
  • PMC TwoTwo 8

Outboard Gear
  • Mic Pre and EQ
  • Solid State Logic Super Analogue Pre Microphone (4)
  • Solid State Logic(SSL) E-Series Equalizer Module (2)
  • Solid State Logic (SSL) Superanaloge Equalizer Module (4)
  • Solid State Logic(SSL) Stereo Equalizer Module (1)
  • Focusrite Blue 330 (For Mastering)
  • Solid State Logic(SSL) Dynamic Module Compressor (4)
  • Solid State Logic (SSL) E-Series Dynamic Module (2)
  • Solid State Logic (SSL) Stereo Dynamic Module (1)
  • Solid State Logic (SSL) G Bus Compressor Module (1)
  • Stereo Variable MU® Limiter Compressor
Reverb & Delay
  • Lexicon 960L
  • Solid State Logic Fusion
  • Focusrite Blue 330 Mastering Compressor
  • 1,200.00 THB Hour
  • 6,500.00 THB for 6 hours (1 session)
  • **After 12AM there is an additional charge of 300 Baht/hour
  • Teleprompters (Large & Small - prices at link)
  • Laptop Computer with auto-scrolling software & remote controller - 1,200.00 THB day
  • 10" Tablet with auto-scrolling software & remote controller - 800.00 THB day
  • Video Continuous Lighting for recording studio setting (Prices at link)

Voice Artists
We also have our own Recording Artists in-house where you can quickly review and select your preferred recording-artist in multiple Asian languages as well as English.
Review our voice artists here: