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Shayne L. van Vlerken
Client Coordination

With ten years in the film business taking care of clients from around the world Shayne is a strong believer in communicating closely with clients. To assist this commitment Shayne has WhatsApp, Line, Skype, Messenger & Email always open on one computer monitor. You can get Shayne's contact details  here

Shayne is also the CEO of our parent company You can see Shayne's full professional biography here. 

Brief Professional Biography.
  • Served in NZ Army
  • Director: Alphamax Corporation, Thailand
  • Director, Founder, COO - Ethnic Earth Holdings Co Ltd, Thailand
  • CEO - Quoin Technology Limited, Australia
  • CEO, Founder, Director - Mhelp R&D, Thailand
  • CEO, Founder, Director - Bangkok Video Productions Co Ltd.
  • CEO, Founder, Director - Filmbase Holdings Ltd, Thailand.