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Coloring: Correction & Color Grading

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Every assignment that we undertake includes coloring in some way. Either in pre-production, production or post-production. No matter how brief the video or film is, 

coloring is an essential process for every project.

Lets start with getting these jobs correctly named as it can be quite confusing to all but the true film professionals. 

Coloring a film, making it look realistic, giving its "look and feel" its added "dimension of emotions with an artistic or stylized look" is all about immersing the film or video viewer more into the telling of the story. Colors can make the onscreen persona look cold or warm, safe or scary. Coloring is consider from the beginning to the end of the movie-making process. Even for a corporate video.
  • Pre-production. This is where the script writer and Director make decisions about the finished look of the film

  • Production. This is where the Director of Photography makes sure the cameras are set up to catch the most information in the form of light and pixels into the camera that they require, to achieve the final look. Also the Director can add light-shaping techniques, gels and filters to change the desired look.

  • Post-production. This is where we are focused on now.
The Post-production Coloring process comprises two interdependent processes. 
  • Color Correction: Over simplified, this can be described as making sure every scene in the film is correctly color matched. i.e. You might have several shots in a single scene with multiple cameras. The end result could be different colors based upon position of camera in relationship to light or even using different types / brands of cameras. Each shot must match in color the following shot to make a single scene look the same. It can also be that the natural colors at the location might not be the desired colors due to seasonal environment changes. Or you can be filming over several days and the weather has gone from sunny to overcast, but you need all the footage to look like it was filmed within a period of 5 or 10 minutes.

When Requesting a quotation, please provide answers to these questions below.
  1. are you wanting color grading, coloring or both?
  2. What type of assignment is it? (Documentary, Feature Film, TV Episode, TVC, etc)
  3. How long is the film?
  4. What is the file size?
  5. What is the final resolution? (4K, 2K FHD)
  6. How many scenes are in the film? (average 80-160)
  7. Is it a single file or delivered in individual rushes?
  8. If rushes, are these selected rushes, or all rushes?
  9. Will we be receiving "conformed reels" or EDL's?
  10. Will we be receiving "textless" and "fade-free" materials without "fancy transitions"?, or otherwise. Please clarify.
  11. What emotion or tone are you considering or want to portray?
  12. What format is the film content in when you deliver it to us?
  13. How will you deliver the content to us?
  14. What format do you want us to return the film in? (MFX or other file type)
  15. Please provide any other information you consider relevant.

Our Color Correction & Color Grading Workflow (Simplified)
  1. Necessary adjustments to exposure
  2. Fine tune the dynamic range
  3. Balance the color
Color Grading
  1. Match the shots
  2. Create a specific look

Thailand film post production services color grading by Bangkok video productions

Above: Getting the color as it should look

Thailand post production color correction by Bangkok video productions

Above: Changing the seasons.
  • Color Grading: Is where the film is colored according the the look and feel that the Director wants to achieve in the telling of his story.

How filmmakers manipulate our emotions using color

Thailand film post production color grading by Bangkok Video Productions

Different coloring techniques imbues different emotional responses to an image

Below. Changing the color to add a specific stylistic look to the image 

Thailand post production color grading by Bangkok video productions

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