CoDL Assignment.

We currently have 40 gospel films(>3,000 mins) in different genres.The length of the movies varies from 20 mins to 150 mins. These films have been dubbed into 20 languages so far. Now we need to dub them into:
  1. Thai
  2. Vietnamese
  3. Malaysian
Our project is continuous which will last for many years. We are interested in a long-term relationship if the quality is confirmed.



Provide Voice Artists that are acceptable to the client - consider about 10 Male and 10 Female between 25-45 years old.
Record Voice Artists from scripts. 
We will also provide the original film to assist in timing.
We will provide the scripts in English.
We require a separate cost for translating the scripts.
Each film is either 45 minutes,75 minutes or 100 minutes  in length 

We need.
  1. Samples of voices
  2. Cost of translations 
  3. Turnaround for dubbing a 100 minute film
  4. Cost of recording as a per-minute cost
  5. We require (studio hardware) specifications in each recording room? Such as Audio Interface, Mic, Studio Monitors/Speaker, Headphone Amplifier, etc. (Brand models) panoramic pictures/videos of each recording and mixing rooms.
  6. Samples of Dry vocal-stems
  7. Can you please introduce more about your team? such as directors, adaptors, engineers? How many studios and directors do you have?

Shayne van Vlerken
Line ID: bangkokvideo
Whatsapp & Phone: +66 89 518 6076