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Interview Filming Assignments

interview filming in Thailand
You will notice that if you compare our information below to other websites, our information and requirements list is a lot more comprehensive. This is to save you time. You will need everything on our list, but others might not tell you this at first and this delays processing your film permit.

Note: If you have a International Press Card - You do not require a film permit

Interview filming comes under two categories in Thailand.
  1. CATEGORY ONE: For Public Broadcast outside of Thailand - This requires a film permit from the Thailand Film Office - ALLOW 7 DAYS PROCESSING TIME.
  2. CATEGORY TWO: For Internal corporate use or broadcast within Thailand only - No film permit is necessary.
Category One interviews that need a Thailand Film permit.
The purpose of the film office film permit is to ensure that the subject of the filming does contain material that will harm Thailand image, The Thai Monarchy's image or an individual's image in a bad light. Therefore the film office will require quite a bit of information with the application.

One might consider this an affront to press freedom but you must understand two points.
  1. Thailand's lives off its Tourist Industry. This is more important to Thailand GOP that most countries, so its only natural that the government wants to protect this major industry.

  2. Thailand's laws are perhaps different than the laws in your country. If you want to film here you must be prepared to respect the laws of Thailand no matter if you personally agree with them or not.
interview film permits thailand
BVP Film Crew Interview. See More here.

The penalties for filming Category one interview without a permit can be very harsh indeed. The penalty may be imposed while your in-country filming illegally such as large fines and prison terms, or when the film becomes public. Even and specially at this stage if the film breaks Thailand's laws, the Thailand Government will come after the client company showing the film and everyone involved with the film production itself. Just for starters expect to be blacklisted from ever entering Thailand again, the production company being blacklisted and other potential actions. So the rule is. If category one interview - Get the permit. 99% of all applications are accepted without any issue whatsoever.

The Film permit requirements for Category One Interviews are:
  1. General Synopsis about the film, If a documentary a "Treatment" is required.
  2. Type of film (Documentary, TV show etc)
  3. A full list of interview questions.
  4. Also - A script of the anticipated answers to every question to be used as a sort of guideline by the film office only (really! - you must have this)
  5. Name and ID (copy) of any Thai national or foreigner (passport) residing in Thailand being interviewed.
  6. Letter from interviewee authorizing the interview. (we will provide sample)
  7. Crew list of all foreigners coming to Thailand.
  8. Digital file, Passport of all foreigners coming to Thailand. (Main pages when passport is opened showing your name and photo)
  9. Digital file, Passport photo (3cm x 4cm) (about 1.2 inch x 1.5 inch).
  10. Letter to licensed International Film Coordinator appointing them to apply for permit on your behalf (that's us. Sample letter here)
  11. Preferred filming schedule (Arrival date, date of each interview, B-roll filming date, departure date).
  12. Filming locations. Precise location address for each interview (Inside or outside filming, Building name, street number, street name, suburb, city postcode)
  13. Filming locations for B-roll. (Try to be exact as you can or ask us to help you here)
Visa & Work Permit Requirements
Come to Thailand on a "Tourist Visa On Arrival". If you are from one of the 64 eligible countries. (List here). This visa will give you 15 days for filming purposes.
Upon arrival at the airport our staff will meet you and take you to the Airport labor Office where your pre-prepared Work-Permit will be issued.

Category Two Interviews.
Category two interviews that use our local film crew do not need a film permit. If you bring your own film crew, you will then need a film permit and work permit .

We give a whopping 70% discount off our normal film permit application cost as we appreciate that you are here for a short assignment. See our run N Gun Permit below.
Run N Gun Film Application This form is suitable if filming up to 4 days maximum.(not just 1 day)

Camera Equipment.
Tell us what camera equipment you are bringing in to Thailand so we can advise you on any necessary customs requirements. (ATA garnet Information here)

thailand interview film permits

This diagram is from the Thai Film Office.
Allow 7 days for permit processing. More if you are filming in a National park.