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In our ongoing efforts to improve film & video production services for foreign film companies, commercial and corporate clients, we are creating a series of specialty websites including "Thailand Film Locations"  which will replace this web section. 

Thailand Filming Locations: Filming on location in Thailand can be very cost effective compared to other countries and locations. Thailand has both abundant natural beauty and amazing world-class and unique man-made architecture. 

Thailand can also offer the flavor of other countries. Not only Asian countries but European as well. This is because Thailand has many Themed locations. Some reflecting Holland's countryside, Switzerland town centers, even real snow inside an artificial alpine resort theme park. 

We are licensed by the Thailand Film Office as International Film Coordinators for obtaining film, visa and work permits for foreign cast and crew. Also for coordinating with National Parks, Public authorities and private owners for permissions and negotiating fees where necessary.

We have a lot of "good-will" with many location owners and managers and can often obtain better arrangements for our clients.

Our primary Location Services include:
  • Location Scouting
  • Location and filming permits
  • Visa and Work permits for foreign crews and cast.
  • National Parks Permits
  • Negotiating fees with Public and Private owners.
  • Organizing on-location security and instant dispute resolution.
Stock Footage:
We have a wide range of stock-film footage for locations all over Thailand. We are also building an "Aerial Footage" library with our Inspire 1 Unmanned Aerial Vehicle fitted with a 4K camera. Piloted by FAI licensed Pilots and filming by Professional Camera Operators.

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We are building Thailand's largest 
database of filming locations.


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