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We are passionate about what we do, 
but lets define what we excel at.

We undertake all types of projects, Feature films, TV shows & TV features, TV documentaries, Music Videos, all corporate work, events and conferences and short films. We aim to the best at what we do. 

The majority of our international clients are from the corporate video and commercial film industries. We create film and video content that is world-class at a lower cost than they could otherwise achieve in their own countries. We also undertake, with vigor, small projects so don't hesitate to contact us.

We can reduce production costs by up to 60%. However we don't aim to be the cheapest. Our objective is to become a valuable, quality production partner that can deliver assignments on-time, in-budget and to exceptional standards for our clients.
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Commercial Film Services.
We are licensed by the Thailand Film office as International Film Coordinators. In this capacity we usually work with foreign film production companies & advertising agencies to coordinate all the logistics of filming in Thailand. Usually the client will arrive with a team including: Producer, Director, DP, maybe cameraman, stylist & others.
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    We undertake the entire process, using our own Crew which include in-house and/or freelancers. We are sometimes asked to come up with creative ideas, then script-writing, story-boarding and pre-production such as scouting locations & casting actors and extras. The production is fully undertaken by us and we often use our own equipment including camera, lighting, grip and production sound. other-times we will hire equipment as needed. Furthermore this service usually incorporates post production services and we deliver to the client the final package. Within this service we also provide event filming services.

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    Corporate, Promotional Videos & Educational Videos
    Aerial Filming






      Thailand film production services

      We have strategic, close, long-term partnerships with film supply companies in Thailand that have a lot more experience than we have. I'm talking 20-30 and more years. These are our big-brothers who help us in sourcing anything from the most obscure equipment to the most unlikely location. We are well considered by our partners as we deliver and we do so with integrity.

      We also serve the local Thailand corporate and commercial communities in film and video. We offer our quality services at competitive prices and a 100% commitment to every client, no matter how big or small.

      Thailand filming location scouting by Bangkok Video Productions