The Real Cost of Film Permits in Thailand

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This page will present as best as possible the real costs of film permits in Thailand and we hope this will help you with your initial budget. 

Download the Filming Documents Requirements list here.

Do we earn our fee? Look at this image that is the Film Permit Application for a simple few days filming in Thailand. (This does not include the location permits or work permits).
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The film permit application process is very bureaucratic and variable. Whilst the management and staff at the Thailand Film Office are very willing to support you, they are encumbered with rules and regulations outside of their control. From personal experience I can assure you that they want to help you (and us) and they are professional and polite.

A film permit application usually takes anywhere from a week to a month or sometimes more to be granted. The paperwork can be stacked 3-5 feet high for a single application. This is what your Film Office licensed film coordinator must undertake on your behalf.

We are a licensed Thailand Film office Coordinator for foreign film companies and individuals wanting to film in Thailand.

See our reference on the Thai Film Office website here.

There are several costs involved in the Film permit as follows:
  1. Film Permit Application
  2. Visa Applications (for some permits)
  3. Work Permit Applications (ALL permits)
  4. Medical Check-up (for some permits, 30 days or more)
  5. Changes in permit information such as crew or location changes
  6. Location Permits (National parks, Local Government, etc).
  7. Translations of every document including scripts, storyboards, etc.
  8. Costs of "paper", "photocopies", "travel to departments", time etc.
  9. Film Office - Film Officer Monitor daily fee
  10. Licensed Film Coordinator daily fee
  11. Per-diem costs, travel costs, accommodation costs & location costs.
As you can see from the above, this is not a simple matter of paying the fees as stated on The Thai film office website, their are many other fees and costs to be considered.

We have tried here to present a integrated approach that covers all the costs associated with obtaining a permit and also the daily costs related to permits during filming such as the Film officer Monitor and Coordinator fees.

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Please note that the tables at right do not include location permits and fees.

Film Permit Application Fee

 No. People Cost THB
 5 50,000 THB 
 10 75,000 THB 
 15 100,000 THB 
 20 125,000 THB 
 25 137,500 THB
 30 150,000 THB
 35 162,500 THB 
 40 175,000 THB 
 45 187,500 THB 
 50 200,000 THB 
 55 212,500 THB 
 60 225,000 THB 
 65 237,500 THB
 70 250,000 THB
 75 262,000 THB 
 80 275,000 THB
 85 287,500 THB 
 90 300,000 THB 
 95 312,500 THB 
 100 325,000 THB

Translation Fees
Based upon per A4 page  800 THB 

Work Permit Fee
Fee per person  3,500 THB 

Medical Checkup 
(Only for some applications)
Fee per person 2,500 THB

Any Changes to permits after lodged
 Fee per change 5,000 THB 
Film Officer Monitor daily fee 
On-set in metro-Bangkok (fully inclusive)
 Daily fee  3,500 THB 

Film Officer Monitor daily fee 
On-set in outside of-Bangkok (fully inclusive including per-Diem, travel, accommodation etc)
 Daily fee  5,000 THB 

Film Coordinator daily fee
 Daily fee 6,000 THB set fee