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Integrating your social media for a complete solution

Social Media Integration has two main aspects:
  • Creating a synergistic design between the various sites used
  • Giving each site a specific purpose that creates a holistic company presence.
For example the four core sites that are usually integrated are:

          Site                                      Purpose
  • Main Website                        Company Presentation
  • Facebook site                       Company community interaction
  • Youtube site                         Company products, location etc. presentations
  • Twitter site                            Company News & PR 
Other sites that can be incorporated into social media are:
  • LinkedIn
  • Squidoo
  • Stumbleupon
  • Dailmotion and other video sites
  • and other company blog sites
Of course Social Media Marketing is much more than just this so why not call our hotline 038 186 335 and lets show you our complete package.

The images below show how synergistic site design can project your own brand across social media. 

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